Economic and Population Growth
Hamburg´s economy is booming and thereby creating interesting opportunities and a large number of highly paid jobs. Every year 10,000 new inhabitants are attracted to live in and around Hamburg. These people are fuelling the demand for your property in Hamburg.
Low Numbers of New Properties
As a result of the increase population, the demand for rental units increases rapidly. A study of the building society LBS suggests, 5,600 new flats and houses per year would be required to satisfy demand.

However, completion of new developments of rental units is declining and is well below the required number. Over the next years this will lead to a tighter market for rental property, increased rents and rental yields. .
High Employment Rate
Hamburg´s unemployment rate is well below German average and has fallen significantly over the past years. The consistent growth of the diversified economy, including heavy industries, such as shipbuilding, the port and civil aviation but also services including Media, Advertising and Shipping, has made Hamburg the economic powerhouse of Germany.
International Trading and Shipping Centre Hamburg
As world trade increases Hamburg is reaping the benefits. Between 2000 and 2008 the container transhipments will have more than doubled making Hamburg Europe’s second largest and one of the 9 most important ports worldwide.

The international significance of Hamburg as trading and shipping hub, and the benefits this brings to business, is mirrored by the many foreign companies and investors, which have chosen their base in the city.
An Investment- Solid as a Rock
Apartment buildings in Hamburg have historically proven to be very save investments.

Despite stock market crashes, financial crises and recessions German property has in the past avoided the ups and downs of its international counterparts.

The German property market has not been the playing field of short term speculators. Moreover, conservative lending of German banks has prevented a housing bubble to develop. This will benefit the future market stability, avoid volatility and ensure your investment.